Digital certificate platform

Digital Graduation Certificate based on Blockchain and DID
3rd party verificatio process anytime anyplace
Customized on styles and column arrangement

The most easiest digital graduation certificate platform

Blockchain technolgoy with DID, comptaible with international standard, build the decentralized, immutable, privacy proteced, and trustworthy digital graduation certificate platform.
Display a QR code to scan and verify the digital graduation certificate to guarentee the accuracy of the information.

Management on Digital Graduation Certificate System

School and student can easily manage the data of certificate hosted or issued. The certificate can be verified through the blockchain to compare if the information is reliable and true.

Customized Settings on Certificate

The content, column and style on certificate can be customized. The best quality and style can be displayed on the certificate with easiest setting for anyone.

Display the column and content according to customer’s requirement.

Self-defined appearance, school badge, and the stamp on certificate.

Speedily verify the accuracy of digital certificate