BaaSid Soteria

Distributed storage and API interface based
on blockchain
Highly flexible to be installed on local or cloud server
A layer2 blockchain application for enterprise solution.

Soteria is a whole new storage solution with fragmentation, and decentralized storage to avoid data leaking, modification and unpermissioned copy and use.
Provide high security, access control and fast on chain advantage to protect all kind of confidential data all the way.

What is Soteria?

Soteria Features

API Integration

BaaSid support standard RESTful API and compatible with AWS S3 API to have enterprise, developer, and user to connect with blcokchain technology and enjoy a trustworthy data security.
Offer a easy-access to put the data on-chain and reduce the technical cost. You can choose the mainnet and free from the limitation of traditional blockchain tech. The query and verification process can be designed according to requests.

Various Scenario of Applications

Applied Scenario

▼Login protection on Websites